​The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) strives to ensure that all those who walk, cycle, travel by car or use public transport should get to their destination safely. NPRA plans, builds, operates and maintains national and county roads in Norway. It is also responsible for driver tests and inspection of vehicles and road users. The NPRA is one of Norway's most experienced users of automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) systems, applying the technology within road and ferry tolling, automatic speed control and technical control of vehicles.

Signatur ITS has worked together with the NPRA on ALPR testing and optimization within automatic speed control, and are presently engaged in helping the organization improve system performance by applying AI in the form of machine learning / deep learning.

Fjellinjen is responsible for toll collection in the Oslo area. Major road and public transport projects in the capital region are solely or partially funded by road tolls. In 2016 contributions from Fjellinjen were NOK 2,8 billion. The company has more than 600,000 account holders. The number of toll crossings reached 114 million in 2016.

The performance of the Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system has high priority for Fjellinjen because today some 1/5 of all toll crossings is identified by ALPR. In the future this ratio is likely to increase substantially. If the ALPR system has insufficient performance the number of toll crossings requiring manual verification becomes overwhelming and very costly. Signatur ITS is designing and testing an ALPR solution for Fjellinjen that meets the demands of a high performing, cost-efficient tolling system.

Axis is a market leader in network video. The company invented the world’s first network camera back in 1996 and has been an innovator in video surveillance ever since. In the ITS sector Axis network video products are installed in areas such as airports, trains and motorways, including parking areas. Cameras are increasingly delivered with automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) capacity.

Signatur ITS is both an Axis Development Partner and a Channel Partner.

​With more than 180,000 people in over 40 countries, Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing services. Together with its clients, the company creates and delivers business, technology and digital solutions that fit their needs, enabling them to achieve innovation and competitiveness. Capgemini designs, develops and delivers high-performing, highly competitive and future-proof ITS solutions.

Capgemini cooperates with Signatur ITS to ensure the performance and competitiveness of integrated automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) functionality.

​BT Signaal (BTS) is a developer, supplier and operator of systems for electronic payment services, and a consultant in related business areas. The company has a history since 1953 in tolling operation, being today responsible for some half of Norway's 50+ tolling projects, including several ferry tolling projects. Signatur ITS has cooperated with BTS on a tolling system development project and also on tender processes.

​2Park develops solutions for the parking industry. The company's AUTOPAY system uses ALPR for identification and charging. It is barrier free and ticketless, and requires no quing at boom gates, collection and paying of tickets, and facilitates for no parking fines.

​Signatur ITS has helped 2Park develop and industrialize AUTOPAY.

Parkanizer develops and sells parking systems to customers seeking efficient administration and utilization of outdoor, especially on-street, parking. The system is based on in-ground, magnetic sensors, but could be adapted to other sensor technology, for instance camera and ALPR. Parkanizer’s mobile app guides drivers to the nearest free parking space. For the parking system owner/operator, the system offers comprehensive analytics and statistics for fact-based management and decisions support.

Signatur ITS cooperates with Parkanizer to offer a parking solution with in-ground sensors.

Hedmark Kunnskapspark (HKP) works to stimulate the development of knowledge-based industry in the county of Hedmark, Norway. HKP provides advisory services on business development, financing, IPR and incubation, and also organize networking and match-making events to facilitate the exchange of competence and to promote value-creating partnerships.

Signatur ITS has been an HKP incubator company and maintains its valued association with HKP.

​​Innovation Norway provides capital and advice for qualified start-ups and innovative development projects.

Signatur ITS has carried out several projects in cooperation with Innovation Norway.

​The Research Council of Norway provides financial support to qualified R&D projects.

Signatur ITS has received such support several times.