Signatur ITS will be presenting its innovation project with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration at the ITS World Congress 2018 in Copenhagen. Though still running, the project has already achived groundbreaking results using Artificial Intelligence / Neural Networks to do automatic anonymization of images taken of vehicles on the road. Anonymization is a prerequisite to comply with privacy regulations. A neural network has also been trained to match images beteeen entry and exit points in Section Control zones (average speed control), with results far outperforming today's ANPR/ALPR based methods.

Matching entry and exit images, or matching entry/exit images against a database, has obvious appllication in other ITSareas like image-based systems for parking or tolling. Another very interesting area for this technology is tunnel safety, i.e. keeping track of vehicles entering/exiting a tunnel (incl. determing the type of vehicle). For a tunnel safety system to be practical the performance must be 100 %. This is something ANPR/ALPR cannot deliver, but the project has shown that it's achievable with neural networks technology.

In Oktober we passed a small milestone. Sentinel™, our ALPR/ANPR management software, is now installed in more than 50 parking facilities in 6 North-European countries.

Sentinel is running as an OEM-module in AUTOPAY (, the innovative and very user-friendly parking system which utilizes automatic license/number plate recognition.

Lumex Traffic Solutions has changed its name to Signatur ITS.

The new name reflects the company's view on the future of Automatic License/Number Plate Recogntion (ALPR/ANPR)systems, namely that these systems will increasingly use more information in the picture than only the license plate (LP) to identify a vehicle. In addition to the alphanumeric info in the LP, a number of other vehicle features visible in the picture will make identification more effective and secure. Together, all this information make up a vehicle's signature.

We have also added "ITS" to our company name. The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market is our focus.

By end of March 2017 there are 40 parking facilities in Northern Europe operating with Sentinel; our management software for automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) for parking systems. Sentinel is run as an integrated module within the innovative, ALPR-based parking system AUTOPAY.

ALPR-based parking is becoming the standard for how user-friendly parking should be, and happy customers and low investment and operating cost are great news for parking facility owners/operators.

The number of parking facilities using Lumex Traffic Solutions' license plate reading management software, is growing. In November another 4 facilities were added; 1 in Norway, 2 in Sweden and 1 in Finland. All were parking houses in connection with shopping centres. The total number of installations with Sentinel™ is now 28; with 20 in Norway, 5 in Sweden, 2 in Finland and 1 in Latvia.

Indigo Parking Group (IPG) is a major player in the European parking industry with more than 500 facilities in the Nordic countries, the Baltics and Poland. Lumex Traffic Solutions has work with 2 Park Technologies (IPG daughter company) the last two years helping to develop and industrialise the company’s innovative, imaged-based parking system AUTOPAY. The system is barrier free and ticketless, and offers users a very user-friendly parking experience with no waste of time queuing at boom gates, collecting and paying tickets, and no fear of parking fines. Happy users and a very cost competitive parking solution is also great news for parking facility owner/operator.

Sentinel™, our automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) management software, ensures AUTOPAY’'s robustness, cost competitiveness and greatly reduces the need for manual intervention. Indigo Parking Group’s recent renewal of our contract is indeed a strong recognition of our capabilities as ANPR partner for the parking industry.