ANPR MultiMotorAI

Choose the best possible ANPR software

Having the right ANPR software should be of prime concern for owners of ANPR systems. Since software cost is negligible compared to the value of increased revenues and reduced costs that comes with superior ANPR performance, owners should without doubt go for the best. However, when investing in ANPR systems, focus is often on hardware components such as cameras. Besides, why bother about ANPR software when every product on the market has a read rate close to 100 %? That’s at least what the advertising says ...

There is not one best ANPR software

Every knowledgeable user of ANPR software knows that a 100 % read rate requires perfect conditions, which never is the case. And unfortunately, there is no clear answer to which ANPR software is the best. The answer is rather: it depends. It depends on the design of the number plates, weather conditions, illumination, speed of vehicle, etc., etc. The fact is that each ANPR software has its strengths and its weaknesses.

ANPR MultiMotorAI

Why an ANPR MultiMotorAI

Signatur ITS has for more than 10 years been optimizing ANPR systems for customers in business areas such as tolling, parking and speed enforcement. We have tested and analyzed a number of ANPR software widely in use. The conclusion is clear; there is not one best. And this is why we developed the ANPR MultiMotorAI.

As shown in the illustration, the ANPR MultiMotorAI utilizes several different ANPR software, incl. the customer’s in-house ANPR. The engines have been developed by leading manufacturers. The set-up allows us to take advantage of the strengths and reduce the weaknesses of the individual engine. Since they are commercially available products, improvements and upgrades made by the developers can swiftly be incorporated into the solution.

The innovative core of the ANPR MultiMotorAI is the algorithm that analyzes and selects the one answer to be returned to the customer among a number of alternatives. This is far more difficult than it may seem. For example, simply having a majority voting rule has in fact proved to be value destroying! The set-up with two separate servers for production and development (machine learning / AI) is ideal for continuous learning and improving. It is an established fact in AI-based development that using the customer’s own, specific data for training algorithms, is totally superior compared to using general data.

Validation of tolling systems

The TollVal solution gives owners verified documentation on how their tolling systems perform related to data capture. It provides validated measurement of the magnitude of leakage in the system. Validation is a very different task than the system operator’s production. The measuring tools and methods needed to perform proper validation must have accuracy capabilities on a much higher level. The laser-based TollVal solution is the appropriate tool to provide professional validation to owners of ANPR-/DSRC-based tolling systems.

Documentation and classification

The rationale for the ImDoc&Class solution lies in the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This image-based solution can be used for documenting different situations (states, damages, discrepancies, etc.) in various industries. So far it has been focused on the road maintenance sector and cargo on Ro/Ro vessels. An image documentation system can in itself create a lot of value for system owners needing proper documentation. Even more value can be created by utilizing the images for training AI-algorithms to do automatic classification. Having your own images, with the right level of details and showing the particular states you want to classify, is the no. 1 prerequisite for training effective, high quality classification algorithms.