Automatic License/Number Plate Recognition (ALPR/ANPR)

There are many automatic license/number plate recognition (ALPR/ANPR) software available for customers needing image-based data capture systems. Not all ALPR engines are equally recommendable, but several have quit good performance. In our opinion there is ​no one best ALPR engine. It depends on a customer’s specific needs and requirements, and the available budget.

Signatur ITS was developing its own ALPR engine, but decided to stop development and “reinvent the wheel”. The basic performance of many ALPR engines are satisfactory. It's implementation, fine-tuning and operation of the ALPR systems that often are unsatisfactory. It's these factors that really prevent customers from getting the full value from their ALPR investments.

A common symptom of insufficient ALPR performance is the need for substantial manual intervention. Contrary to what ALPR engine suppliers may claim, implementing and operating an image-based system to its full potential requires controlling a vast number of details. The idiom “the devil is in the detail” really applies to ALPR. ​Helping customers implementing or optimizing their ALPR systems to their full potential has therefor become our mission. We create value for our customers by pinpointing and correcting problems and inefficiencies through intimate knowledge of ALPR system’s components and operation. We can assist the customer in selecting, or replacing, the appropriate ALPR engine. Even more value can be created by implementing our proprietary ALPR management software which controls the 3rd party ALPR engine. It automatically corrects and enhances the performance of the ALPR engine.

​By offering our own ALPR management software we are more to our customers than a mere consultant or integrator. Besides, generalist consultants and integrators often lack the required competence to optimize ALPR systems effectively​ and efficiently. But we are neither a traditional ALPR software supplier. For the typical ALPR supplier with hundreds or even thousands of customers, our cooperative approach and strong interaction with the customer doesn’t make business sense. For us it does.

Never-ending efforts to improve solutions are paramount in the fast changing ITS market. We believe ALPR technology must move from the sole use of alphanumeric information in the license plate to utilization of all information in the image. Our approach, Signature-reinforced ALPR , makes use of additional information such as vehicle mark and model, geometric characteristics and special features. The powerful technology of machine learning/deep learning should also be utilized.

Sometimes the most value-added effort is to use what you already have smarter. An example is enchancing performance by adding more ALPR-engines to you existing solution. Our extensive testing shows a remarkable increase in combined performance compared to the individual performance of each ALPR-engine. The extra software cost is often marginal compared to the extra value created.