Performance of Automatic License/Number Plate Recognition (ALPR/ANPR) systems is the result of complicated interaction between the system’s software (SW) and hardware (HW). The owner/operator needs to find the optimal combination between SW and HW, taking into account performance requirements and budget limitations.

Signatur ITS has in-depth knowledge and long experience in the use of cameras in industrial/commercial applications. We take a holistic view of our customers' image capture needs and requirements. Helping our customers evaluate and select appropriate HW with regard to performance and optimal cost is a natural part of any assignment.

Cameras have often the most focus from users/customers of ALPR-systems. It's a critical system component, but in our experience the camera is often over-specified and therefore more expensive that necessary. A main reason for this is that ALPR-systems have been used for very challenging tasks which required advanced and expensive cameras to get sufficient image quality; for example in automatic speed control and free-flow tolling. As ALPR has been applied to less demanding tasks, like imaged-based parking, ITS camera manufacturers have tried to relax specifications and reduce cost. However, this is not easy to accomplish when the organization, production processes, sub-suppliers, etc. all are geared for higher margins. Going forward we believe leading camera suppliers from the security and surveillance industry will successfully challenge the traditional makers of ITS cameras. As every business school will teach you, it’s quite common and doable to move “up market”, but virtually impossible to move “down market”.

​Signatur ITS has taken the consequences of the this shift and made a strategic partnership with Swedish Axis, a leading international maker of cameras for the security and surveillance industry, and increasingly, to the ITS market. Our company has qualified both as Axis Development Partner and Axis Channel Partner. Through this partnership we have access to very competitive camera solutions for less demanding application like parking and access control. Also more demanding applications may be considered. However, it is the customers' needs, requirements and budgets that dictate which HW components to use in a ALPR-system. We work with any camera maker who can fulfill our customer's’ requirements at the lowest possible cost.