Helping customers who need automatic license/number plate recognition (ALPR/ANPR) systems is Signatur ITS' focus. However, sometimes other solutions may better meet customers’ specific needs and requirements. For example, for on-street parking a solution based on magnetic, in-ground sensors that detect occupancy may be a better alternative. We have partnered with the company Parkanizer to offer such a solution.

Parkanizer develops and sells parking systems to customers seeking efficient administration and utilization of on-street parking spaces. Typically, this could be a public entity like a municipality wanting to improve parking space utilization, and at the same time improve or reduce traffic flow by guiding the drivers to the nearest available parking spaces. Research has found that as much as 30 % of traffic in city centres can be caused by drivers searching for free parking. Parkanizer’s mobile app guides drivers to the nearest free parking space. For the system owner/operator, the system offers comprehensive analytics and statistics which gives a solid foundation for fact-based management and decisions support.