Signatur ITS has a strategic cooperation with APCOA. The MultiMotor ANPRAI service enables APCOA to offer an unrivaled ANPR performance for its parking customers and superior value to parking facility owners.

APCOA is a leader in the Norwegian parking market with more than 1,400 facilities under administration. The company is part of APCOA GROUP, the No. 1 car park operator in Europe, managing over 1.8 million spaces in more than 13,000 locations across 13 European countries.

APCOA is at the forefront when it comes to introducing innovations. ANPR is a good example. Today, a large part of the company's parking transactions is handled by ANPR: the vehicle's license plate is captured by cameras when entering and exiting the parking facility, parking time is calculated and the owner's credit card is charged or an invoice is issued. All takes place in a fully automated and very user-friendly process.

APCOA's in-house ANPR system is state-of-the-art, but achieving a very high accuracy read-rate at all times is challenging. Dirt, snow, damages, etc. lower the readability of license plates, which in turn leads to loss of income, errors and the need for costly manual intervention. Improving ANPR performance for APCOA means extra income generation, reduced cost and giving the parking customer an enhanced user experience.


The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) is a government agency responsible for national and county roads in Norway. In June 2024, the NPRA awarded our company the contract for the national Automatic Traffic Control (ATC) system for automatic point and average speed control. Signatur ITS achieved the highest quality score and the lowest price in the competition. The contract will run for 4-6 years and is valued at a minimum of NOK 150 million.

Being selected as the supplier of Norway's new, high-spec ATC system confirms Signatur ITS' position as a technology leader in image processing. Traffic safety is a prioritized area for the authorities, and as the ATC system is one of the most effective measures the NPRA has in its toolbox, there can be no compromises on neither the effectiveness nor the efficiency of the system. The NPRA has trusted Signatur ITS to deliver, service, maintain and further develop the ATC system for Norway in the years to come.