MultiMotor ANPRAI

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Hi, I'm Patrik Olsen, Product Manager for the MultiMotor ANPRAI.

With more than 100 million images processed for various customers over several years, the verdict is in: our solution gives unparalleled ANPR performance. But we encourage you to verify yourself. With an easy onboarding process and a free trial period, you can obtain measurable, solid data on the improvement.


The Solution

(example: application in parking)

Why MultiMotor ANPRAI ?

Every knowledgeable user of ANPR software knows that a 100% read rate requires perfect conditions, which is impossible in practice. And unfortunately, there is no clear answer to which ANPR software is the best. It depends on the design of the license plates, weather conditions, illumination, speed of vehicle, etc. Each ANPR software package has its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

The MultiMotor ANPRAI utilizes several different commercial ANPR software, incl. the customer’s in-house ANPR, should you have one. The setup with multiple engines allows us to take advantage of the strengths and reduce the weaknesses of the individual engine. Our solution is versatile and can be seamlessly integrated with any system that uses cameras to read license plates. We offer both cloud and on-premise deployment options to suit your needs.

  • Increased profit

    Capture lost transactions and reduce manual work

  • Improved reputation

    Eliminate wrong charging and bad user experiences

  • Universal & simple

    Works with all systems with an easy, non-intrusive setup

  • Service

    Supported by dedicated, highly competent imaging specialists

  • Tailored Concepts and AI Algorithms

    4C Power

    The innovative core of the MultiMotor ANPRAI is the algorithm that analyzes the intricate details in both the images and the ANPR results to determine the correct license plate. Four powerful concepts: Consensus, Consistency, Confirmation and Combination, are used to determine the correct text and nationality of the license plate.

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    Advanced AI Analysis for Enhanced Performance

    The MultiMotor ANPRAI has incorporated several proprietary AI algorithms that analyze the intricate details of the images for text and nationality recognition, and vehicle classification. AI is also used to generate feature vectors of the license plates, removing the need for text-based image matching should parts of the plate be obstructed.

    Tailor-Made Algorithms

    Each ANPR user has its own specification, implementation, and problems. Signatur ITS doesn't believe in generalization but specialization. Therefore, we provide continuous support and customization of our algorithms and definitions to adapt the MultiMotor ANPRAI to the customer's specific needs.