Automatic Traffic Control (ATC)


The specification for the Norwegian ATC system includes very strict requirements, among others must the system be capable of providing a clear image of the driver, the license plate and the position of the vehicle's front wheels, all on the same image, be it in open air or in tunnels, in Oslo or at the North Cape. Then add Norway's long and harsh winter, it's no doubt a tough task to handle.

Signatur ITS is the supplier of Norway's new ATC system. Our solution will meet, or could be adapted to, most international road authorities' specific requirements and future needs.

A Cutting-Edge ATC Solution

Key features:

  • Innovative, cost-competitive and proven hardware-configurations able to perform in harsh conditions.
  • Fast and foolproof installation for enhanced road work safety and reduced cost.
  • Proven image matching algorithm (AI & ANPR) for average speed control, which totally outperforms ordinary ANPR matching.
  • Back office tailor-made for violation case handling efficiency, monitoring, maintenance & service, and user-role sensitive statistics on system efficiency and effectiveness.